Saturday, February 5, 2011


I do not cry because of  guy , friends or what .
But ,
I cry because I can’t find my own self .
I hate who I am now .
I really miss the old me .
I don’t wanna be a bad person who do not care about others feeling .
Pretend that everything okay .
Be a hypocrite eventhough I hate hypocrites !
I dunno why , I dunno whats wrong with me now .
I just can say that I’m okay  whenever people ask me .
I’m lost . I don’t wanna fall into my own feeling :’(
Sometimes I really fine but sometimes I’m not .
But , 1 thing for sure .
I realize we have to be hypocrite sometimes to make sure we are strong enough to faced this challenging world .
Come on arzi amira .
This is not your real self .
Mane dye arzi amira yang kuat dulu ?
Yang mahal air matanya ?
Yang tabah hatinya menempuh dugaan ?
Wake up arzi ! wake up !

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