Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i'm coming :)

school , hostel . i'm coming . adoiii :D
next year in 2011 . i'' be coming back to SMK Cochrane and ATPN as a SPM candidate .
OMG ! is it ? tak percaya . rase macam kecik lagi jea .
hey Arzi Amira !
remember !
dun break ur parent heart again .
only with ur excellent result will make them happy .
prove to them that u're better than ur cousin !
show to everyone that u're not damn stupid !
u can arzi , u can .
believe with urself that u can do it :D

ini tanggungjawab yg harus andaa pegang ,
bukti bahawa mereka percayakann andaa .
`even u don't like it , u have to do the job well !


T H E K A C A K S said...

gud luck yawh!!

mya :) said...

HAHA . thank u , thank u . :)