Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my heart is broken enough :'(

Darkest depths of my soul
Slowly being destroyed by your chemical.
I'm tired of being alone
Last love has turned my heart cold as stone.
Trust, love, and faith all thrown back in my face
I'm such a fucking disgrace.
You dont deserve the comfort of my love
And I didnt deserved to be punched,
pushed, or shoved.
Did I even mean anything to you?
Or was I just a toy for you to subdue?
I dont know anymore the real me
When I look in the mirror I cant understand
what and who I see.
You've sent me back to the way I use to be
Cold hearted, bitter, and inside angry.
The blood from my wrists tell my story
I wanna die and be dead and buried.
My image of myself is incomplete, broken, and dead
Why is my blood all thats being shead?
I know I'm not perfect
Nothing but a burden for some lost soul to collect.
But you made me think different
But it was all a lie and every word you never meant.
But I will find someone better than you
And with that happiness there's nothing you can do.
Give me what I could never ask for
Give me back my heart untoar.
So I can give it to another who deserves what I have to give
A dead soul that desperatly wants to live

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